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DeAngelis Marshall
Health-Surround 365 will sell the basic vitamins through affiliates and companies that market organic supplements. Selling via educational marketing. Health-Surround 365 will update people with all type of health market information, health products, and issues and solutions regarding environmental, physical, social, and overall health The production of service for Health-Surround 365 will be through a dedicated research. Health-Surround 365 will emphasize the importance of products creating a persuasive and addictive platform Health-Surround 365 will be a information based website based on overall health and products, and services that benefit a healthier lifestyle. Health-Surround 365 will spotlight issues and solutions surrounding Social, Vocational, Academic, Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual heal
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My addiction to Flamin Hot Cheetos

3:283 years Ago
Flamin Hot Cheetos gets the snake of the year from me. These chips are perfect for any event especially riding home with the family. You can find these Cheetos at Sams club/Walmart they never run out of inventory

First Day at the Work

6:053 years Ago
My first day at work, and story behind everything i've been through to get into the medical field of work. Everyone's story is different, but it just boils down to taking advantages of opportunities and starting to do something big!!! Checkout my Facebook page


5:403 years Ago
Facebook : Twitter : Instagram : Youtube ; Linkedin : AngelList :

Student athletes should take Vitamins and Minerals

6:563 years Ago
Student athletes when you take care of your body and health you will be able to do some more amazing things. Check out Take a chance to be better, I believe student athletes should take Vitamins and Minerals

This the Cut Right Here : Atlanta

5:083 years Ago
Having fun out in the rough part of Atlanta. "This the Cut Right Here" Check-out the other videos and subscribe : Check-out my web-sites Contact: Facebook : Twitter : Instagram : Youtube ; Linkedin : AngelList :

Be Aware of the Amount of Zinc To Take

0:023 years Ago
Be on point with your dosage, and make sure that you use these minerals and vitamins for the right reasons. There aren’t a lot of people that advertise vitamins and minerals to be a cure, but there is a lot of people who advertise vitamins to be a preventive medicine.

The Vitamin Shoppe : The Good Health Bag

2:083 years Ago
Focusing on Self-Development and Overall Health. I went to the Vitamin Shoppe to enjoy some new health treats, and found some good stuff. HS365 Websites : / Muscle Mac High Protein Mac and Cheese : One Protein Birthday Cake Bars : Omega 3 Fish Oil : Contact me : Facebook : Twitter : Instagram : Youtube ; Linkedin : AngelList :

#ItsTimeToQuitYourJob Compilations | Twitter

2:463 years Ago
#ItsTimeToQuitYourJob Pick your most used social media outlet and add me as a friend. Do me a big favor and subscribe to this video. Like this video, and share all over Twitter. I love the #Retweets Facebook : Twitter : Instagram : Youtube ; Linkedin : AngelList : Iechedel Marketplace -

Forming E-Relationships | Positive Habits

2:553 years Ago
Forming Positive E-Relationships online with social media. Engage in positive post as a habit. Tell me about the challenges you have with social media and i'll see if they can be fixed. Make sure you join me on my social media accounts and engage with my post and websites. Like, Comment, and Subscribe to my channel. Contact me Facebook : Twitter : Instagram : Youtube ; Linkedin :
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